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The start of the season was delayed by a month due to heavy rainfall in Mumbai. On August 8, 2020, the makers released their first action of the Bigg boss 14 Colors TV. Due to the pandemic coronavirus, promises were captured on Salman Khan’s farm. 8 days later, the second promotion was released on Colors TV. Bigg boss 14 online was aired on August 29, 2020. The fourth promotion was released on September 13, 2020, announcing the ‘Grand Premiere’ date.

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The dark yellow edge of the eye has a reddish background. The blue or purple lines of force come from the center of the eye and meet these points on the inside edge to make it look like a wire. Each dot is connected by three lines connecting the large central iris of blue color to the yellow bob. This time the show has a "futuristic theme" and is in Goregaon. Seniors are given the decision to choose or reject Fresher Housemates. The four announcers should be in the yard only.

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Excluded family members are given the option to change their status from excluded to the selected and allowed to leave the home. Rubina is the ugliest player in the task and sidelined. Rubina is given a chance by Bigg Boss to change her status from rejected to elected, sacrificing her chance for immunity. She was terrified and was allowed to stay home. Elder Nikki was chosen as the first confirmed housekeeper. Shehzad was voted by the Freshers and Seniors and has not been confirmed. All members of the Fresher household and the elders fought for a task. Sidharth's team lost and Eijaz and Pavitra were thrown out of the house. And Shehzad was also banned as an unconfirmed maid. Everything else is confirmed. On the 18th the Red Zone appeared in the household. And Eijaz and Pavitra moved to the Red Zone. On the 22nd day, three Wild Card refreshments enter the Green Zone. After the nominations, the four nominees are in the Red Zone. And when Eijaz was rescued, he moved to the Green Zone.

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In the first exchange, four candidates had to select each classmate from the green zone to replace them with the red zone. Then Captain Eijaz had to decide whether to change or stay. He exchanged four companions. After the process of doubling, Green Jasmin and Rubina returned to the Green Zone. Bigg Boss 14 Watch online on our site. We upload the daily episodes of this season 14 so you can get all The content on one platform. The daily news and updates are uploaded regularly so as to provide you with maximum information about Bigg Boss 14. Stay tuned to know all about it. If you have any queries regarding the above-mentioned subject please contact us by sending your messages in the comment section below.